Thursday, December 24, 2015

White Christmas {Eve}

          Merry Christmas Eve, everyone! 
          It's white outside! Which is rather exciting, since this is the first good snow we've had in years. Finally starting to feel a bit like Christmas!
          Just as a disclaimer, I am feeling rather lazy at the moment and have not edited these pictures. So the color / lighting isn't fabulous in a number of these, but I don't particularly care. :P
          Anywho, enough with the excuses - I hope that you enjoy!

Tadashi was admiring the birds as the flitted about in the snow. 

I wasn't able to get a good picture through the smudge-covered window, but they were so picturesque against the snow! 

Tianna took Fiona out to play in the snow, and they came by the house to say hello. Fiona walked through the door and immediately wrapped her arms around my legs and held on for a good five minutes. Made me happy. I love that sweet girl. ^_^ 

I'm not sure that "snow ball fight" would be an appropriate term; they were more like lumpy handfuls of snow rather than balls. But the boys had a grand time. 

This kid knows how to smile for the camera. 

I adore these little men so incredibly much. 

No photo could do the mountains justice... They were simply breathtaking. 

The boys and I built a snowman (ignore the nasty muddy ground). 

Merry Christmas, everyone!