Monday, November 23, 2015

Autumn Leaves

          I adore autumn. I really do. There is something about it that I find simply intoxicating. There is a noticeable shift in the air; it's fresh, crisp, invigorating. The leaves in the trees start changing color, taking your breath away, and then after a couple of weeks, if you look outside on a windy day, you will see hundreds of them swirling through the air. It's amazing. 
          The leaves are my favorite part of autumn. The turning of color into brilliant oranges, vibrant reds, cheery yellows... I can't describe how these colors speak to me. 
           Sadly, we don't have too many trees that drastically turn color on our property, and I didn't have the opportunity to take pictures at a park or anything, but here are some late-autumn shots I took recently.
           Don't go away so soon, Autumn, I love you.